There are presently no open calls for submissions.


This call is for a Ten Tiny Dances event.

Show Date:  March 19, 2022.   Two Shows.  6:30p & 8:30p

Where:  Cabaret at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona

Payment:  $150 for selected artists

The Cabaret is a beautiful performance space in Frank Lloyd Wright's Winter home and studio, Taliesin West. 

The theme of this year's Ten Tiny Dances event is:  TALIESIN WEST. 

Adjudicators will be looking for work that demonstrates innovation and research as it pertains to this rich source material.  History, unique architectural theory and practice, color palette, site.  Possibilities are many. 

Tiny Dances are designed and performed on a 4' by 4' platform that is raised 2 feet off the ground. Time limit for each Tiny Dance is 5 minutes.  

The majority of the work must take place on the platform as there is limited space in the Cabaret for work off the platform area.  

Adjudicators for Ten Tiny Dances at Taliesin West are:  Carley Conder and Nicole Olson. 

Questions?  Feel free to reach out to